Electrocoup F3015 Electric Pruner

Product Description

The ELECTROCOUP F3015 is the ideal tool for vine pruning. It is the only pruning shear with the advantage of an elctrically adjustable half- aperture setting on the device. This saves considerable time on all small and medium cutting operations (representing 70% to 80% of all pruning: spur or cane pruning). The F3015 is the world's only pruning shear equipped with 4 interchangeable heads featuring adjustable half-aperture. It has two modes of operation, pulse and proportional, and a new LCD display showing battery level, work efficiency, cut counter etc.


  • Weight of shear & electronic system 830g
    Weight of battery 2400g
    Weight of waistcoat & cabling 500g
    Maximum blade opening 56mm
    Cutting capacity 40mm
    Battery voltage 48 Vcc
    Battery pack autonomy Over 8 hours
    Battery charging time 5 hours
    Warranty 12 months
    Spare Parts Available

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