Flotec Autojet 1500 Pump

Product Description

A dependable, high quality automatic pump with electronic control ideal for domestic home water systems, garden irrigation, general purpose wash down uses and most water transfer applications. The Flotec Autojet 1500 complete with presscontrol is ideal for single or two storey homes and garden irrigation supplying 55lpm @ 150kpa and 50lpm @ 200kpa.


  • Specifications:

    • Stainless steel body
    • Compact and portable complete with carry handle
    • Innovative electronic control ‘Pressuremate 1.5’ which starts the pump every time water is requested & maintains constant pressure during delivery
    • Dry run protection (if no water is supplied, pump will automatically stop itself)
    • LED panel to control the operating status of the pump - shows you if the pump is connected, running, if water flow is present and if there are any unusual conditions
    • 1100 watts
    • 240 volts
    • 7metre advised suction depth
    • 11kg
    • 70lpm maximum flow rate
    • 48metre maximum head
    • 2 year warranty
    • 55 lpm @ 150kpa
    • 50 lpm @ 200kpa
    • As a tap guide - 1 tap  = 10 litres per minute *1 sprinkler = 15 litres per minute.

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