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Can a battery blower really be as effective as a powerful petrol driven machine? The short answer is yes.  Our battery blowers are driven by innovative battery technology that not only deliver high performance, but also has a low noise level, class leading ergonomics and usability.  A Husqvarna battery blower can be used both outside and for indoor tasks, such as clearing litter.  It has perfect balance, an instant start, cruise control and boost power mode that gives extra power when its needed most.


The 525iB is a professional blower ideal for use ina range of commercial applications.  Li-ion power, instant start, low noise, save mode, cruise control, boost effect, advanced motor fan design, light weight and an ergonomically shaped handle.


  • 525iB
    Battery Type Li-Ion
    Battery Voltage 36 V
    Motor Type Brushless
    Equivalent Vibration 0.5m/s
    Sound Pressure Level at Operators Ear 82 dB(A)
    Sound Pressure Level, guaranteed 98 dB(A)
    Air Flow in Housing 12.8m3/min / 452.03cfm
    Air Flow in Pipe 11.7m3/min / 413.18cfm
    Air Speed 48m/s 1 166kph
    Weight (excl Battery) 2.4kg
    Weight (incl BLi150 Battery) 3.7kg

Price ($)

569.00 (Base Unit Only)

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