Husqvarna Hedge Trimmer 115iHD45

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Working on battery power with a Husqvarna battery hedge trimmer will not slow you down.  Our hedge trimmers are ideal for all jobs around the garden - regardless of whether your hedge is small with eye catching details or a tall and lush masterpiece.  The long, precision sharpened blades and high cutting speeds will deliver top class results with every cut.  Husqvarna battery hedge trimmers will always provide strong performance and long lasting power in a trouble-free way.


Ideal for trimming and shaping hedges around the home garden.  Li-ion power, instant start, low noise, save mode, well balanced, ergonomically shaped handle and durable aluminium gear box.


  • 115iHD45
    Battery Type Li-Ion
    Battery Voltage 36 V
    Motor Type 2 Brush
    Equivalent Vibration 1/1m/s2
    Sound Pressure Level at Operators Ear 73dB(A)
    Sound Pressure Level, guaranteed 90dB(A)
    Knife Length 45cm
    Blade opening 25mm
    Blade speed 27001/min
    Weight (excl Battery) 3.1kg
    Weight (incl BLi150 Battery) 3.9kg

Price ($)

519.00 (Kit includes Trimmer $279, BLi10 battery $179 & QC80 charger $105)

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