Puretec SOL40-E3 Water Softener

Product Description

Water softeners work by removing the calcium, limestone, sulphur, iron and magnesium, via ion exchange, making hard water, soft. This has numerous benefits that will be felt right throughout your home.

By reducing scale build-up, water softeners lessen damage to fittings, fixtures and appliances. This improves their durability and longevity, and in the case of appliances, improves their efficiency. In the long run, this saves you time and money. With fewer impurities in the water, it's also gentler on your skin!

The Puretec SOL40-E3 is a fully automatic, volumetric E3-matic.


  • Model SO-E3L
    Type Fully Automatic; Volumatic E3-matric
    Capacity 18,000Ltr at 100mg/L hardness
    Min/Max Pressure 140-860 kPa
    Flow Rate 40 Lpm
    Maximum Flow Rate 100 Lpm
    Warranty 6 years

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